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Educators and researchers at learning institutions can take advantage of image analysis software doing research and to prepare students for careers in commercial, government, and organizations.


Researchers in academia can take advantage of our software solutions to access, analyse, and share airborne, satellite, and LiDAR data.



Educators in institutions of higher learning Are welcome to collaborate with Soartech to use GIS to enrich learning, and to innovate the applications of maps through GIS analysis.

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An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was to be designed and implemented, capable of semi-autonomous controlled hover and translation with 4 degrees-of-freedom. The flight and control of the UAV were the main goals of the project.

In addition to these, the project had the additional objectives:

  • Forest fire detection via on-board heat sensor Image capture

  • Payload delivery

  • Landing gear retraction​​

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