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Soartech proudly employs the cutting-edge Trimble R9 reference station, a high-precision GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) solution that revolutionizes accuracy and reliability in various industries. Engineered for exceptional performance, the Trimble R9 is a cornerstone in achieving unparalleled precision across industrial and commercial sectors.


Industry - Leading Precision

Versatility and Ease of use

Reliable and Future - Ready

Unlock Precision and Efficiency Today

Empowering Precision and Reliability with Trimble NetR9 on the IGS Network


The Trimble R9 with RTK capabilities plays a pivotal role in diverse industries by ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in a wide range of applications, enabling professionals to achieve superior results in their projects.

The integration of a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) system with our advanced Trimble R9 reference station amplifies the capabilities and significance of our high-precision GNSS technology across multiple industries


At Soartech, the fusion of Trimble R9 reference station, Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) technology, and Virtual Reference Station (VRS) integration signifies a groundbreaking solution reshaping the landscape of GNSS technology. The VRS networks leverage RTK solutions to deliver high-precision positioning in real-time through RTK Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Achieving centimeter-level accuracy mandates precise dual-frequency carrier phase observations, a feat accomplished seamlessly by the integration of RTK technology within our Trimble R9 and VRS system. This integration guarantees immediate accuracy and real-time precision in positioning data, allowing for on-the-fly data collection and operations with unparalleled accuracy.

The RTK technology embedded within the Trimble R9 and VRS not only ensures instant, highly accurate positioning but also minimizes downtime by offering immediate, dependable positioning information. This efficiency enhancement significantly mitigates potential disruptions caused by signal obstructions or reference station issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations for our clients. Through RTK, our solution consistently provides uninterrupted precision, enabling surveyors, construction professionals, and agricultural experts to execute their tasks seamlessly, especially in dynamic environments where real-time, high-accuracy positioning is critical for informed decision-making and operational efficacy.

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