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Soartech Systems Sdn Bhd has been appointed as IVECO Vehicle Local Consultant in Brunei Darussalam by IVECO S.P.A, Italy - one of the local engineering services provider and specialised in Fleet maintenance services in Brunei. Through this collaboration, one of our main focuses is to provide our key customers with the best quality standards.

As an IVECO Consultant since 1999, Soartech Systems has ascertained and put together certified local technical team, each specialises in their specific domain to effectively realizing and meeting the needs and requirement of our customers. 

Soartech Systems has the expertise to become a valuable maintenance service provider to our customer with many years of experience in engineering. Not only we provide maintenance services of equipment and vehicles, Soartech Systems is able to implement Production, Assembly, and Manufacturing of Vehicle components enhances our capability to diversify our services through innovation.

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