Drone for Application

Establishing HIWING GENERAL AVIATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD teaming with Soartech Systems Sdn Bhd in Brunei and South East Asia to cooperate and to offer Drone and Application services as:

  • Regional Center

  • Product servicing development

  • Skill Development for local workforce

  • Establish support facilities for maintenance services

  • Training facilities

  • Acquiring UAV Platform and sensors.

HW-V230 Hybrid-Electric 

HIWING believes and trusts Soartech’s local capability local knowledge and logistic support will provide a technologically advanced solution for a very wide range of industrial needs in Brunei.


Soartech/HIWING devotes itself to open the market of environmental protection, agricultural application, energy security, emergency response and disaster relief, homeland security etc. in both domestic and overseas market.

HW-X210 Multi-rotor UAV



High Definition Camera

EO/IR Pod w Gyro Stabilization

Multispectral Camera

Infrared Camera

Thermal Camera

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