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Industrial Compliance

A Technical audit was conducted by a credible governing body in the Oil and gas sector on Soartech’s RPAS (Remote Pilot Aircraft Systems) operations assessing many different aspects that follows. To operate with full discretion of the awareness of our surroundings and its contributing factors, would require an extensive and comprehensive implementation of certain standard of procedures in place preventing any foreseen and unforeseen risks that is detrimental to both the safety of the employees and the reliability and confidence of Soartech systems.


Soartech Systems is deemed competent and in compliance in the eyes of the Oil & Gas industry to operate in most environments in the key areas of operations, safety management, engineering and the assurance of quality.  Soartech Systems has produced a list of complimentary documentation and related implementation of Standard of procedures which Soartech believes that is complying to the overall standards while meeting the minimum requirements of operating in a range of environments. Soartech Systems was assessed on the following:

  • Comprehensive, documented procedures in support of Soartech’s RPAS operations

  • Extensive suite of manuals suited for a range of RPAS activities.

  • Detailed Risk assessment and Job Hazard Analysis referenced in the Safety Manuals

  • Effectiveness of Soartech’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

  • Flight operations and maintenance procedures of different parts of the platform described within the Operational Safety Management manual (Maintenance forecast)

    ​raining programme in reference to the standards of JARUS (Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned systems)


Soartech renders a range of services complying to all industrial needs and requirements subjected to HSE implementation with thorough internal standard of procedures and other related complimentary documentation, these services are as follow:

  • Asset inspection

  • Media/PR

  • Survey operations (Environment monitoring, topographical survey, aerial orthomosaics)

  • Incident Response


Asset Inspection:

Topographical Survey

Incident Response

All standard of procedures is tailored to the minimum requirements of each RPAS application to conduct work efficiently with the safety of the well-being of all employees, stakeholders and civilians in consideration when operating. All efforts in execution are guided by our comprehensive manuals and is in reference to specific manuals labelled according and they are as follows:

  • SSSB-OSM-PRD-22-001 Revision C – Operational Safety Management manual

  • SSSB-MOC-22-001 Revision A – Management of Change manual

  • SSSB-FMS-22-001 Revision A – Fatigue Management System manual

  • SSSB-ERP-PRD-22-001 Revision A – Emergency Response Procedure manual

  • SSSB-AW-PRD-01 Revision A – Adverse Weather Procedure manual

  • JHA SSSB-HSSE-UAS-2023-001 – Detailed Risk Assessment for RPAS operations (subjected to amendments tailored to New Areas of Interest, Newly identified Hazards, Change in technology etc)

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