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Welcome to Soartech Systems

To meet the needs of the growing South East Asian market, Soartech Systems established a permanent presence in the Brunei Darussalam since 2004. Adopting this central location provides a hub for servicing projects throughout the region.

Our local team of geospatial professionals have significant commercial, project management and airborne logistics experience. Since establishing a permanent base in the region we have successfully completed numerous projects throughout the region for a wide variety of clients.

Get in touch with us

Tel: +673-2337233 / 2333561 / 2333560

Fax: +673-2333562

Unit C4 & C5, Block C,
Complex Pg Hj Damit PS,
Spg 209, Jln Utama Berakas,
Kg Lambak Kanan, BB1714
P.O.Box 2271 BSB, BS8674
Brunei Darussalam

Engineering Consultancy & Inspection Services

We have successfully use our ROV to apply on visual underwater inspection on vessels and bridges. 


The Magnetic Flux Leakage Pipeline Inspection Gauge detects and analyses the leakage magnetic field caused by corrosion defects to assess the size and location of each corrosion defects quantitively.


The Ground Penetrating Radar helps to ensure that all locatable utilities have been detected and marked-out on the ground


Our CCTV Drainage Inspection uses a cutting edge technology where a television camera is mounted on the robotic device which is connected to a video monitor and a recording device connected by a long electric cable.

lidar system

With the Phoenix AL3


We offer NDT service including:

-Magnetic Particle Testing

-Penetrant Testing

-Ultrasonic Testing

-Radiographic Testing



-drilling equipment inspection including drilling rig API CAT IV Inspection.

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