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Engineering Consultancy & Inspection Services


Structure Inspection (Steel)

Overall process  inspection from raw material, fabricating, to finished products.

  • Dimension and tolerance measurement of structural parts

  • Weld visual inspection



Non-Destructive Testing

We offer NDT service including:

-Magnetic Particle Testing

-Penetrant Testing

-Ultrasonic Testing

-Radiographic Testing



-drilling equipment inspection including drilling rig API CAT IV Inspection.

Our testing engineer's certificate operating rate is 100%, for structural parts testing: mainly includes CWI, non-destructive testing qualifications:

  • Ultrasonic Testing UT

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)

  • Radiographic Testing RT

  • Penetration Testing (PT)

  • Eddy Current Testing (ET)

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement

  • TOFD

  • Detecting qualifications in related fields such as phased array PAUT, with a wide range of qualifications and a large number of certificates.

Laboratory Testing
Inspection Services
Manufacturing Process Conformity Management
Measurement Instrument Calbiration
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Steel Structure Testing
  • Cable Construction: Multicore Kevlar reinforced cable with 75ohm coax.

  • Motor: 150-watt, 4350 flame retardant halogen-free jacket lined with Kevlar braid to provide strain relief.

  • Diameter: 9.6mm, Length: 200 m standard (250m optional).

  • Mild steel power coated tubular construction.

  • Electrical: 19-way Amphenol connector for link cable connection

Cable Drum
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