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CCTV Sewerline Inspection 

We offer a professional job at affordable rates and experienced staff in using CCTV for sewer/drainage inspection.

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CCTV (closed circuit television) inspection uses a cutting edge technology where a television camera is mounted on the robotic device which is connected to a video monitor and a recording device connected by a long electric cable.
The camera comes with a measuring device; automatically record the length of the inspected pipe. The exact condition and location of defect is then recorded for the reference of clients and later examination.

FLEXITRAX P550C-p-p.png

Magnetic Flux Leakage Pipeline Inspection Scanning 

Through the saturation magnetization for metal pipelines and the application of high-precision magnetic flux leakage inspection technology, the Magnetic Flux Leakage Pipeline Inspection Gauge detects the leakage magnetic field caused by corrosion defects and analyses the leakage magnetic field to assess the size and location of each corrosion defect quantitatively. The detector combines the information of the pipeline to process the early warning of pipeline leakage, estimation of lifetime and safety warning, which could be used for the security detection and maintenance. As a result, the corrosion degree and the lifetime of the pipeline could be determined, which provides the quantified information for maintenance or shutdown of the pipeline. 

  • Realization in-service inspection for oil/gas/water pipelines

  • Flexible passing capacity of 1.5D bend and 18mm diameter shrinkage

  • Adopts excellent technology of electromechanical sealing, withstands pressure of 15MPa

  • Adopts multi-dimensional sensor array, achieving high resolution of defect detection

  • Achieves quantization accuracy of milimeter level with precise data analysis

  • Metal pipeline diameter range: 8" to 47" (customizable)

  • Wall thickness range: 6mm to 16mm (customizable)

  • Speed range: 0.3m/s to 3m/s

  • Temperature range: -20C to 70C

  • Maximum inspection length: 100km (customizable)

  • Sampling spacing: 2mm (customizable)

Fibre Lying Pipeline

Soartech conducted a demonstration of allocating Fibre Lying Pipeline for Utility Company. Soartech team brought their underground Ground Penetrating Radar, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and electronic survey total stations to construct a survey control point network, “grid’, in which the position of all survey works and detected services will relate. This is to locate, pinpoint and provide the client with information buried services infrastructure (Fibre Underlying Pipelines.)

The end result leads to Soartech providing digital maps to its clients, containing information on all underground services within the project area.

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